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Un comentario de una persona de Estados Unidos acerca de: "Ïntimo Esplendor"

ByKarina Don April 12, 2016
This is an epic story which I enjoyed very much. I am close to Hindu philosophies and 
it is really remarkable seeing how Samhara has been able to remember so many and 
so memorable lives before the current. These lives are spilled throughout the book, 
mixing present and past and although in the beginning you can feel yourself pulled out 
of the plot and led to other worlds, the same hands take you back with soft movements 
while you continue accompanying her journey.

There are many other concepts which the reader must approach with an open mind. 
Such concepts as afterlife, aliens, elves, shamans and Amazonian legends only make the
 story richer and in the end there is a last learning and the real and meaningful message 
engraved in these pages. A hopeful message containing ancient wisdom which is sent 
to humanity through the inspiring story of a traveler and millennial soul.

Karina D.

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